Bicycle Storage Ideas

It’s not easy to store your bike in a loft of apartment. Thinking of bicycle storage ideas can often lead to costly mistakes by hurting your apartment with a failed experiment or even injuring your bike with a shoddy system that doesn’t work as planned. We’ve put together a proven list of bike storage ideas to help you store you bike safely and securely.

3 Bicycle Storage Ideas That Work

#3 – Make an Artistic Statement

bike storage ideas

If you must keep it in your apartment, you might as well make it fashionable. Build on the Urban trendiness of your loft and make it a centerpiece of wall art for your living room. I wouldn’t recommend putting your 50 year old junker bike on the wall, but if you have a bike that you’ve put some money into, you should be proud of it. Instead of spending 500 on a nice piece of art, express your hobby as artwork and put it up on your wall.

Just make sure it’s stable and that you can take it down easily, you will be using it for more than just art remember…

#2 – Car Placeholder Bike Storage

bicycle storage ideasThose stupid cars are destroying the eco-system and taking up more space than they are worth.  It’s time to use this bike storage idea to not only make a convenient place to store your bike, but to save the environment.  Grab a few of your neighbors and buy in on the frame together and you can store your bike in a nice, convenient parking spot right outside your lot.

It’s a simple idea and will work well for those of you who don’t mind keeping your bike outside.  That however is the major downfall of this idea.  The bikes are still outside, wearing our in the sun and rain, and always have the possibility of being stolen.  If only there was a way to safely and securely store your bike outside of the elements without cluttering up your house our patio….

#1 – Self Storage Facility

safe bike storage ideasThe best solution is to simply find a storage facility nearby and store your bicycle at their facility. You likely have a handful of items you don’t use around your house that are cluttering up your loft or apartment that would conveniently fit in our small storage units. Grab your stuff, get on your bike and bring it all down to our location. We are right at I-25 and Colfax Ave just south of Auraria Campus. Our rates are affordable, and we are a small walk away from several light rail stations making it easy to use light rail and then come by and pick up your bike.

Storing your bike with us is safe and secure and it keeps your apartment open and un-cluttered.

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