The New Metro Sports Complex in Denver


We Have a New Neighbor

Urban Self Storage has a new neighbor moving in down the street. The new $12 million dollar sports complex built for Metro college will feature a baseball and softball field, tennis courts, and a soccer field for the division II sports teams.

This is going to be a big upgrade to the community and will be a big improvement to the land from it’s current state. Urban Self Storage is located just north of the build site and we are excited to see the new sports fields.

The complex is going to have more than just sport fields. It will have fitness and walking trails around it as well, providing an additional place for Denver residents to enjoy the outdoors and maintain their active lifestyle.

The Metro Sports Complex is scheduled to finish in 2016 which is still a few years out for us, but we are looking forward to the development of a great piece of land.

Urban Self Storage has an Even Better Location

We believe this new sports complex will make it even more convenient for you to to business with us. With our location just minutes away from Mile High Lightrail station and Auraria campus lightrail station including the campus, this sports complex is just another Denver attraction that you will want to enjoy. With our location on the way, you can easily pick up or drop off your personal items at our storage facility.

Store Your Sport Equipment With Us and Enjoy Them at the Complex

If you want to go enjoy a baseball game or tennis game at the new Metro Sports Complex, but don’t want to carry chairs or any of your sports attire, why not store it with us. Our convenient self storage location is literally across the street and picking up you chairs, lava buns, or foam fingers will be easy and you won’t have to carry it all across town. When you’re finished, just drop it on by and we’ll keep it in our safe self storage unit for the next time you need it.

Check Out Our Storage Facility

If you are looking for a convenient self storage location in Denver, come by and check us out or look at our self storage units on our website and contact us when you’re ready to rent a self storage unit in Denver.

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