Temperature Controlled Self Storage Units

Storing your items in temperature controlled self storage units are essential to the items safety. There’s nothing worse than storing your items at a self storage facility that isn’t temperature controlled only to find out later that it melted under the heat, or broke from the cold. In more mild climates, this isn’t much of a concern, but if you’ve lived in Denver, Colorado for any period of time, you know the Rocky Mountain weather is anything but mild. Temperatures can reach above 100 in the summer and well below freezing in the winter. A temperature controlled self storage unit is essential to protecting your items.

Urban Self Storage provides temperature controlled self storage units in Denver, Colorado for every storage size available. We understand the need to protect your storage items, and have built a brand new facility (2013) to provide a regulated temperature throughout the self storage facility. With our convenient self storage location off of I-25 and Colfax Avenue and secure lot, we provide the upmost protection for your stored items.

About Our Temperature Controlled Self Storage Units

All of our storage units are temperature controlled. We can not guarantee your items safety, but we do everything possible to ensure it’s well taken care of and protected. The unique design of our warehouse allows for optimal airflow and our industrial fans are engineered to regulate the temperature of our self storage facility in order to stabilize the temperatures as much as possible. This means your items stay at a comfortable temperature and will be protected from the volatile weather of Colorado.

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We are born and raised in Colorado, and love the community that exists in Denver. We believe that community means helping one another out and protecting what’s important to you. That’s why we’ve built our temperature controlled self storage units. View our self storage unit options by selecting them from our menu above or using the button below.