Temporary Self Storage Denver

Are you in the need for some temporary self storage in denver? Urban Self Storage provides convenient and secure self storage in Denver in a variety of different storage unit sizes. We know that not everyone needs self storage for the long term, so we provide temporary self storage terms for you to use as needed. Whether you are moving, re-organizing your house and need additional room, or have recently acquired more items than you can fit comfortably in your home, Urban Self Storage of Denver provides some of the most convenient, secure and affordable temporary self storage in Denver.

Solutions for Temporary Self Storage Denver

We provide a variety of short term self storage options for you to choose from. We have units as small as 5×5 ft and units ranging up to 200 sq ft (10×20 units). Please take a look at our options below and find a short term storage solution that works best for you.

5×5 Storage Unit

5x5 self storage rates

Our smallest and most affordable option is our 5×5 self storage unit. Our 5×5 units are clean, secure, and affordable. They are an excellent option for someone looking for the minimum amount of storage for personal items for their temporary self storage solutions.

  • 25 sq ft of Space
  • Temperature Controlled Units
  • Clean and Affordable Options
  • Safe and Secure Units

5×9 Storage Unit

5x9 self storage rates

Our next available option is our 5×9 storage unit.  We have great self storage rates available for these units.  These units are better to store longer items in that wouldn’t fit in our 5×5 storage unit.

  • 45 sq ft of Space
  • Clean and Affordable Units
  • Temperature Controlled Units
  • Safe and Secure Self Storage Units

5×10 Storage Unit

5x10 self storage ratesSimilar to our 5×9 storage unit, the 5×10 provides some extra square footage to store lengthy items in.  This is great for that extra piece of furniture or mixed bag of personal items you need to store.

  • 50 sq ft of Space
  • Temperature Controlled Units
  • Clean and Affordable Options
  • Safe and Secure Units

9×10 Storage Unit

9x10 self storage ratesOur 9×10 storage unit is an excellent option for people needing some extra storage space for personal household items or outdoor recreation equipment that won’t fit in your loft or apartment.  Our self storage rates are affordable and our units are top -notch.

  • 90 sq ft of Space
  • Temperature Controlled Warehouse
  • Clean Units and Affordable Self Storage Rates
  • Safe and Secure Units

10×10 Storage Unit

10x10 self storage ratesOur 10×10 storage unit is designed to maximize storage space for a variety of items.  The square dimension provides flexibility for you to store any items you need easily.

  • 100 sq ft of Space
  • Clean and Affordable Self Storage Units
  • Temperature Controlled Facility
  • Safe and Secure Units

9×15 Storage Unit

9x15 self storage rates

Our 9×15 storage unit is for customers needing room to store large items  or long items that don’t fit in conventional square dimension storage units.  View the self storage rates on our 9×15 storage units below.

  • 135 sq ft of Space
  • Temperature Controlled Units
  • Clean and Affordable Options
  • Safe and Secure Units

10×15 Storage Unit

10x15 self storage rates denverThe 10×15 storage unit is for those needing to store items during the moving process or temporary storage.  These units maximize space and provide a great storage solution with 150 sq ft.

  • 150 sq ft of Space
  • Safe and Secure Units
  • Clean and Affordable Options
  • Temperature Controlled Units

10×20 Storage Unit

10x20 self storage rates denverOur 10×20 self storage unit is our largest option available for personal storage.  These are great for people who are needing some room to store a lot of personal items for short term self storage in Denver.

  • 200 sq ft of Space
  • Clean and Affordable Storage
  • Temperature Regulated Storage Units
  • Safe and Secure Units